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         Thestrals core logistics co., LTD is a professional medical biological cold-chain logistics company, focused on biological medicine, life sciences, CRO, drug development, clinical research and clinical testing in the field of cold chain logistics services.Companies with innovative services, clients as own duty, relying on professional project team, advanced logistics information management system, scientific routing scheme design, for every customer tailored logistics solutions.
         Company headquarters is located in Shanghai, in changchun, Beijing, xian, chongqing, wuhan, guangzhou, jinan, nanjing has regional service center, our cold chain logistics operations specialists covering more than 70 large and medium-sized cities throughout the country.Our clinical trials on drugs, medical devices and biological samples transportation has many years of successful operation experience, we are familiar with transport related laws and regulations, with most of the domestic aviation, railway and highway resources, proficient in cold chain logistics management and packaging temperature control scheme, before each shipment our experts have contingency plans for possible problems, in order to ensure safe and efficient delivery of the goods.
         Thestrals core cold-chain logistics all-the-way tracking service, set up professional project team, provide one-on-one VIP service docking window, straight up straight sent between a line and second-tier cities in the country of goods circulation, our dedicated staff know will your important items in a timely manner to the importance of each destination, guarantee processing 24 to 48 hours to door service.
         Thestrals core heat insulation of cold-chain logistics to provide professional packing, dry ice and frozen.Ensure transportation temperature requirements, to supply the transport of goods with dry ice and replace the packing, refrigerant services.Provide temperature recording instruments monitoring of temperature and humidity condition, ensure the integrity of the specimen.
We will continue adhering to the "credibility first, customer first" service philosophy, commitment to implement "casting brand in one hundred, set the industry standard" a better vision and unremitting struggle!


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